Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

Life Insurance with Multiple SclerosisIt is possible to get approved when applying for life insurance with multiple sclerosis. If you have been declined or quoted very high rates, its very possible that you were not working with the right insurance agency. At ChooseTerm we work with over 30 life insurance carriers and know which ones work best based on the unique needs of the individual applying.

Questions We Ask When Working to Get the Best Rates for Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis:

Here are the questions we will be asking you so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Date of the Diagnosis of MS:

Its possible that the longer you have had MS, the better the pricing you will get – especially if the MS has not progressed and remained mild.

Frequency of Attacks:

How often do you have attacks? Is it infrequent with out disability, or is there more moderate to severe disability? When was the most recent attack?


What type of symptoms do you have?
For example: Loss of Vision? Loss of Mobility? Cognitive or Neurological Impairment? Imbalance?
With very mild MS and diagnosis at an early age, its possible to get standard rating on a life insurance policy. Even in more Mild to Moderate cases we can still help you get approved for life insurance with Multiple Sclerosis. Fill out our quote form below or contact us to get a quote customized for you.

Transcript: Life Insurance with MS

If you have Multiple Sclerosis, in this video I'm going to talk to you about how to get approved for life insurance with Multiple Sclerosis.
So if you have multiple sclerosis and you may have been declined for insurance in the past or maybe you haven't applied yet, but you can get approved for life insurance with Multiple Sclerosis, it really depends on specifically your condition.
Some of the questions we would ask you in order to find out what kind of pricing you would get on a life insurance policy, is we would want to know when you were diagnosed how long you've had multiple sclerosis, are you currently on disability, do you need help with activities of daily living, or not, or if you're working for example, we would want to know that. We would want to know if your MS is mild, how often you have an attack, if it's frequent or infrequent.
So if you have very mild MS you might be able to get approved at standard rates for life insurance. Even if it is a little bit moderate but without major disabilities, you can still qualify for a traditional life insurance policy that probably would be rated but you would still qualify for a traditional life insurance policy and we can work with you to find you the best quote for that.
If the Multiple Sclerosis is very severe and you're on disability, and you need help with activities of daily living then the best bet is probably to go with a graded death benefit policy.
Graded death benefit policies have a waiting period before the death benefit pays out, but you can get approved if you have a pre-existing condition.
So you can visit our website and fill out a quote request form, we can help you find the best quote for you based on your specific condition with MS.