Put on Your Term Life Seatbelt

You're ready to install the new baby's car seat for the first time. You wouldn't dare take the newborn baby and put them in the car without a car seat. You install the car seat. Then you make sure that car seat is buckled in so its sturdy and doesn't move. You may even give it a nudge or shake and see if it stays in place. Yet when it comes to protecting our families, Americans spend more time making sure the car seat is sturdy than thinking about life insurance. Term life insurance is a lot like that seat belt you use in your car. It isn't there to be an investment, or to make you rich. It’s there just in case.

Why Buy Life Insurance?

When it comes to life insurance or any insurance for that matter you buy it for one reason and one reason only - to pay for stuff that you couldn't Life Insurance Seat Beltotherwise pay on your own. You have home insurance to replace your home in case of fire, and car insurance to replace your car in case it gets stolen - because likely you wouldn't be able to or want to pay for those expenses out of pocket.

Life insurance is exactly the same. You shop around for the best rate because you are buying it for one reason only - to replace something that you can’t do on your own. If you die and don’t have 10 or 15 years of your income saved up to make sure your spouse and kids can pay the bills, then you likely need life insurance. Whether its to pay off the mortgage or provide for your kids’ college education - insurance can provide for those things, and if you can’t then you know you need life insurance.
Based on this theory - that life insurance is simply there to replace things you can’t - here are some questions you should never ask - but many people do.

Life Insurance Questions You Should Never Ask  Again

Question: What if I outlive my term policy - then do I lose everything I put into it? You wouldn't ask the same question about your car insurance or home insurance, yet when it comes to protecting your most precious assets - your family - you start asking silly questions. If you buy a term policy you won’t be spending $500 or $1000 a month, you will likely be spending anywhere from $25-$150 a month, and that money is not there as an investment. It’s just a seat belt.

Question: I’m i interested d in life insurance, but I’m just shopping - can I start making payments in 3 months? Sure you can, but if you have family that relies on you for income and you aren't sitting with a ton of cash in the bank why would you want to go uninsured? It’s like getting in the car and driving 70 without a seat belt. Not a smart move.

Statement: I’m not going to apply now because I need to quit smoking. Once I quit, I’ll apply. The answer to this question is the same as the previous question. Maybe if you buy a policy and go through the pain of paying smoker rates you will then have more incentive to quit and retest with the insurance company to lower your rate. The reality is if you put off buying life insurance this month, you will continue to put it off until something happens like a friend of family member dies - or worse. If you need life insurance, just apply.

Life can be bumpy, so put on your term life insurance seat belt.

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