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Final Expense Life Insurance Questions and Answers

Final Expense Life Insurance policies are specifically designed for people that are looking to make sure they leave money to loved ones so that they aren't stuck with paying bills when they die. The policies are typically whole life policies that last for your entire life and people buy them for a variety of reasons. […]

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When to Do a 1035 Exchange With Your Life Insurance

When To Do A 1035 Exchange With Your Life Insurance When you need to get rid of your life insurance, you have a few options. Canceling your policy outright may be a bad idea  if it's a permanent life insurance policy that has cash value. A 1035 exchange is the name of a special exchange […]

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When is it too late to buy life insurance?

If you’re reading this blog post from heaven then it’s likely too late for you to buy life insurance. For the rest of us enjoying planet earth when does it become too late to buy a life insurance policy? In this article I’ll explore this question from a couple of different angles - addressing age, […]

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Life Insurance While Pregnant

In this blog post I’ll discuss some key questions you might have about buying life insurance while pregnant, and also discuss an interesting case I recently had which is the inspiration for this blog post. Can I Get Life Insurance While Pregnant? Yes you can. Years ago this was not a possibility, but in today’s […]

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Life Insurance is not an Investment

What if I told you that I had an investment for you. You’ll invest every year and it will take you about 11 years to break even. You will start to see returns in 20-30 years, around 4-5% on an annual basis. You probably would reject my offer. What I just described are the characteristics […]

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Prudential vs MetLife: Which is Better?

If you’re shopping for life insurance you are most likely familiar with Prudential and MetLife. Both are among the biggest life insurance companies, with excellent reputations and strong financial ratings, both make excellent choices as life insurance companies. So which company should you choose? In this blog post I’ll provide information on Prudential Life insurance […]

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Term Life Over 60

Although many people don’t expect to still need term life insurance in their 50s, 60s or even 70s,there are many reasons why someone might still want coverage. Many Americans still have a mortgage balance in their retirement years and want to make sure they have affordable term life insurance that can cover that debt, or […]

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Your Group Life Insurance May Not Be a Friend with Benefits

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for group life insurance. Its an easy, hassle free way to get some life insurance. Fill out some forms at work and boom, I’m covered, I can have peace of mind and not have to worry ever again...or do I? While group life insurance can be a good source […]

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Should I Replace my Life Insurance Policy or Supplement it?

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] You may already have a life insurance policy and considering getting additional coverage. Should you keep your existing policy in force and supplement it with additional coverage, or replace the old policy with a new one? There are several factors to consider when deciding, and I’ll cover the important ones in this blog […]

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Banner Life vs SBLI Which is Better?

[vc_row][vc_column width="5/6"][vc_column_text] If you have been comparing prices for term life insurance rates you may have noticed that Banner Life and SBLI often have the best quotes. In this blog post I'll compare Banner vs SBLI and highlight some of the differences between the companies.  While we represent both companies and think they are excellent, […]

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