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Calculating Life Expectancy: How Many Weekends Do you Have Left?

Part science, part wild guess, I don’t think anyone wants to really know when it’s all going to end, at least I don’t. According to the Social Security Website I have 45 years left, that’s about 2,340 weekends - maybe I should be out enjoying the weather instead of writing this! But looking at your […]

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Top Reasons You Need Life Insurance

The purpose of life insurance is to replace an economic loss that might occur with the death of a person. If you’re thinking about buying a life insurance policy review the top reasons that people buy life insurance. Chances are you need a life insurance policy if one of these applies to you. While there […]

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Life Insurance for Divorce: What to Do When You Have to Buy a Policy

Going through a divorce can be an emotional, mental, and financial roller coaster. Divorce decrees often include child support or alimony payments. Often a judgement or a settlement will be made which requires the spouse paying child support or alimony to buy a life insurance policy as part of the divorce agreement. The policy insures […]

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8 Unique Ways to Save On Life Insurance

You probably already know how to save money on life insurance. Be in perfect health, and buy young. But you may not be young or running marathons. So what are some practical ways for you to actually be able to save money on life insurance rates? In this blog post I’ll explore ways you can […]

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Your Driving Record Can Affect Your Life Insurance Rates

If you have ever applied or plan to apply for life insurance, you will notice that one of the questions on the application asks for your driver's license number. The reason for this question is that life insurance companies will order a copy of your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). You aren't getting car insurance, so […]

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Got Debt? The Truth on Student Loans and Life Insurance

It’s probably rare for a life insurance agent to tell you not to buy life insurance, but that happened to me today relating to student loans and life insurance. If you are in college or are a parent of a child in college that has student loans you may be looking into a life insurance […]

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How Long of a Term Policy Should I Buy?

Once you get an explanation of term life insurance policies, it's fairly easy to understand how they work. You don’t need to look at complex illustrations, understand cash values, dividends, interest rates or loan provisions as you would with a whole life insurance policy. However, you still have some important decisions to make such as the coverage […]

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MIB Misconception: The Truth about the Medical Information Bureau

If you've been doing some research on life insurance it’s possible that you have come across the term MIB. No, we’re not talking about the Men in Black or even the government’s Management Information Base; in this blog post I’ll discuss the misconception about the role of the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), its true purpose, how you […]

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Prudential Life Insurance for Medical Marijuana Users

Medical marijuana has been legalized in a number of states. Several other States have pending legislation to approve the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Estimates show that over 2 Million Americans use medicinal cannabis. That figure is expected to grow as medicinal use becomes more accepted and legalized in additional States. While life insurance […]

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Quoting Conundrum: When Your Life Insurance Premium is Higher than Quoted

Those sneaky insurance agents! "I spoke to an agent who quoted me a price for life insurance. I filled out the forms, I let a stranger come to my house to take my most prized possessions - my blood and urine- I waited and waited, and now...they want more money from me!" This is a […]

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