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Genworth life insurance review

There are many different life insurance products that are available and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are also drastic differences when it comes to the life insurance rate that you will end up paying with some insurance companies. That is why it is so important to thoroughly investigate your options before […]

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GEICO life insurance review

Thanks to clever advertising campaigns and an adorable gecko, everyone loves GEICO. Even I must agree that they are an industry leader. I will also say that GEICO lives up to their claims, at least when it comes to car insurance. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about term-life insurance from GEICO. We have many […]

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The Top 5 Life Insurance Mistakes

Are you thinking about getting life insurance? Life insurance will give you the security of knowing that your loved ones will be cared for if anything unforeseen ever happens to you. The right life insurance policy will give you peace of mind. Unfortunately buying life insurance can be confusing with a variety of options, which […]

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Buying Life Insurance That Covers a Heart Murmur

The short answer to this question is “yes, you can.” But the more detailed response is a little more complicated. The truth is that life insurance providers do sometimes deny people coverage for pre-existing conditions like heart murmur. You can greatly improve your chances of being approved by knowing more about the general process and […]

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Ulcerative Colitis? Don’t Give Up On Life Insurance!

There are many illnesses that can get in the way of people getting life insurance, and ulcerative colitis is one of them. Some people may want to give up their hope of getting insured while they have this disease, especially if an insurance company has already denied them coverage. But many— if not most— people […]

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Fidelity Life no medical exam life insurance

Fidelity Life Insurance is one of the oldest and most trusted life insurance companies. They provide real options for the average American who is searching for affordable term insurance that is a no medical exam life insurance policy. There are two programs in particular from Fidelity Life Insurance that can benefit individuals who need to […]

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Life Insurance in Your 30s

It is very common for people who are in their 30s to look for a life insurance policy. These are typically the years where you might be getting married or having children and starting to think about buying a life insurance policy. In this article I’ll cover the type of insurance you should consider in […]

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A Buy/Sell Agreement With Key Man Life Insurance – An Invaluable Business Asset.

Adam and Bob were best friends since junior high school. They shared an apartment in college, majored in the same field, and even went to work for the same company. When they were in their mid-30s they came up with a great idea for a product that would become very popular and the two decided […]

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How To Choose A Universal Life Policy

For many people term life insurance will be the most affordable and best option for a life insurance policy. However if you need to have a permanent life insurance policy, what option should you choose? One of the reasons people don't choose whole life insurance is because of the perceived rigidity of the policy. It's […]

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Guardian Life Insurance Reviews

When it comes to buying life insurance, the two main options for consumers are term life and whole life insurance/universal life insurance. Many people who purchase life insurance opt for whole life insurance, thinking they are getting a better deal than term life insurance. However, while Guardian is a very healthy company financially, consumers are […]

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