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The E-cigarette and Life Insurance— Why Prudential is the Logical Choice

Alternatives to smoking tobacco have risen to greater prominence over the past decade, and among them is the increasingly popular electronic cigarette. Even most non-smokers these days are aware of this “E-cigarette” (Electronic Cigarette). Even though these cigarettes only simulate actual smoking tobacco through their own vapor-making devices and many do not actually release any nicotine, it is the unfortunate truth that many life insurance companies do not distinguish between e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes.

Because of this, just about every life insurance company out there will give you smoker rates. Because these rates are much more expensive than non-smoker rates, it is important to know your options. (more…)

If you are looking for the best term life insurance rates for cigar smokers, this guide will provide you with the underwriting guidelines of some of the top term life insurance companies and how to get the best rates. The good news is that you can get non-tobacco rates if you only smoke cigars and don’t use any other form of nicotine. This guide will help you find which companies treat cigar smokers most favorably, which means you get better rates, and can save money. If you want to skip reading the article and just get a quote, you can fill out this life insurance quote form here, otherwise below the form are the guidelines.
This post is going to look at ways that you can get affordable life insurance as a cigar smoker. Hopefully, this will answer any questions that you have about life insurance and cigar smoking. If not, you can always contact me with any additional questions that you might have.  (more…)

Over 20 million adult Americans use marijuana at least once per year.
If you have found this blog post, perhaps you are one of those Americans who uses marijuana either occasionally or frequently, and would like to know how this will affect you as far as life insurance rates go. The good news is that you can get approved for a life insurance policy as a marijuana smoker. This blog post will cover life insurance for marijuana smokers and will show you how you can also get non-smoker rates.

If you do smoke marijuana, you really need to work with a life insurance agent who can help you find the life insurance company that will treat you most favorably when it comes to your specific use. While some companies will still approve you for recreational use most will offer you smoker rates, while with others you can obtain significantly better pricing at non-smoker rates. There is a huge price difference between smoker and non-smoker rates, which means you can save a significant amount of money by finding a life insurance company that provides non-smoker rates to marijuana smokers. (more…)

In this article I will discuss term life insurance for smokers,which life insurance companies have the best rates for smokers, and also discuss how you can lower your rates if you do quit smoking in the future. I’ll also give some examples of rates for term life insurance for smokers and compare pricing between life insurance with a medical exam and life insurance without a medical exam, specifically for smokers.
Life insurance is one of the best ways that you can protect your family if something tragic were to happen to you. These life insurance policies will give your loved ones the money that they need if you were to pass away. Your debts and final expenses could leave your family with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, which can make an already difficult situation much worse, but that’s where your life insurance coverage comes in. (more…)

Medical marijuana has been legalized in a number of states. Several other States have pending legislation to approve the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Estimates show that over 2 Million Americans use medicinal cannabis. That figure is expected to grow as medicinal use becomes more accepted and legalized in additional States.

While life insurance companies may have similar guidelines on certain health conditions, or what height and weight you need to qualify for the best rate, when it comes to marijuana use - both recreational and medicinal, the differences can be quite vast. One company that takes a more liberal approach is Prudential life insurance. They have the most liberal guidelines on both recreational use and medical marijuana, resulting in a lower rate for life insurance.

Prudential Life Insurance and Medical Marijuana

While many insurance companies treat marijuana smokers as “smokers” and charge tobacco rates, Prudential does not.
In fact, Prudential only Prudential and Medical Marijuanacharges cigarette smokers with tobacco rates. As long as you admit on your application to smoking a pipe, cigar, marijuana, or even an electronic cigarette, you can qualify for non-smoker rates with Prudential. This represents a huge savings if you are in any of these categories. Tobacco rates on average can be 2-4 times higher than non smoker rates.
Aside from getting non-smoker rates, you can still qualify for Preferred Best non tobacco for medical marijuana use with Prudential. Prudential’s guidelines are that medical marijuana use is ‘rated for cause’ - meaning that the health rating that Prudential will offer you is based on the medical reason you are using marijuana. For example if you are using marijuana for something fairly inconsequential, such as insomnia, you can get Preferred Best Non Tobacco. However if you are using marijuana due to MS, or Chronic Pain, then Prudential will rate your application just like any other person with similar health who is not using marijuana. Basically Prudential sees medical marijuana as an alternate form of treatment and the condition itself is really what determines your health rating.
Other life insurance companies may weigh heavier penalties in the form of increased rates for medical marijuana use, while also charging you smoker rates. The difference in pricing can be staggering.

Life Insurance with Medical Marijuana for Non-medical States

If you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes but are in  non-medical marijuana approved state, then Prudential, as well as other companies view you as a recreational user. With Prudential you can still get non smoker rates and possible qualify as Standard Non Smoker for recreational use. It is generally helpful to disclose how you get the marijuana and how often you are using it. The more information you provide the more accurate a quote you will get, and likely a better result as far as pricing.
When it comes to medical or recreational marijuana, Prudential is an excellent company to consider. They are also excellent if use tobacco in any other form except cigarettes, as they will give you non smoker rates for pipe,cigar, and chewing tobacco.
You can get a custom quote by filling out the form below or call me if you would like to discuss your specific situation and get the best rates for term life insurance. 

Congratulations. You’re a quitter. You’ve taken the difficult task of kicking the habit and now you want better rates on your life insurance policy. Not so fast Charlie - unless you haven’t picked up a cigarette in at least the last 12 months, you’re not eligible for non tobacco life insurance rates. In this blog post I’ll give you some tips for how to save money on life insurance if you have recently quit smoking, but haven’t hit the 12 month mark yet and are not eligible for non smoker rates.

Smoker Vs. Non Smoker Life Insurance Rates

Smoker rates for life insurance can be 2-3 times as much as non smoker rates, so naturally you’ve quit smoking and want to get a policy with non smoker rates. However, life insurance companies know that many people who quit early on, pick up the habit again. This is why you have to be smoke free for 12 months or more to be eligible for non smoker rates.

What's a Quitter to Do?

So what should you do? You know you need a life insurance policy, but perhaps you quit 6 months ago. Should you wait another 6 months before applying Life Insurance quit smokingfor coverage, or should you just pay smoker rates? Before I give you my recommendation, let’s take an example of a 35 year old male applying for a $500,000 30 year term life insurance policy - and compare pricing between Standard Non-Smoker and Standard Smoker Rates: The best Standard Non Smoker rate would be $895 annually, compared to $2,160 for Smoker rates - A difference of $1,265 per year!

Tips for Quitters

The big difference between smoker and non smoker rates, might lead you in the direction of saying ‘I’ll just wait until I’ve quit for 12 months and I’ll apply then’. However I don’t think that is the best solution. While you will save money by waiting several more months, you’re still leaving yourself and your family unprotected.

Here is my recommendation. If you’re really serious about quitting and know that you will make the 12 months mark as a non smoker, I recommend you temporarily get a short term life insurance policy. Instead of buying a 30 year term policy as a smoker you can purchase an annual renewable policy. The difference between the two is that with a 30 year term policy, you lock in the rate, which stays the same for 30 years.

With an annual renewable policy you only lock in the rate for 1 year, and your life insurance rate will increase every year. This is not a good long term solution. However, the plan would be to purchase an annual renewable term policy as a smoker, and once you reach 12 months as a non smoker, you would then buy a 20 or 30 year term policy at non smoker rates, and lock in the price. Let’s take a look at how this strategy saves you money.

We said earlier that a $500,000 30 year term for a 35 year old male smoker would be $2,160 annually - compare that to an Annual Renewable Term for the same amount, which would be $210 Annually! A Savings of $1,950!
By choosing an Annual Renewable Term, you accomplish an immediate need of having a $500,000 life insurance policy, while at the same time saving a significant amount of money, with the goal of getting a non smoker policy when you reach 12 months of being a non smoker.

Life Insurance for tobacco chewersAll Tobacco is Not Created Equal:

You know this if you use tobacco dip as opposed to smoking cigarettes.
If you  do chew tobacco, or use tobacco dip and paying a smoker rate on your life insurance, you are overpaying for your life insurance policy. If you haven’t yet gotten life insurance, but looking at options and you use tobacco chew, then you have come to the right place to get the information you need on life insurance for tobacco chewers.
The majority of insurance companies consider chewing tobacco the same as smoking cigarettes. That means that they charge you tobacco rates, which can be three times as much as non-tobacco rates (keep reading to see my example). However there are a few insurance carriers that will offer you non-tobacco rates if you use chewing tobacco. The key is to work with an insurance agency that represents those companies and knows which ones they are so that you can get the best rates on life insurance for tobacco chewers. is an independent life insurance agency. We represent over 30 of the largest, highest quality life insurance companies. A few of those companies do offer non tobacco rates for chewing tobacco and we can help you get a non tobacco rate if you are in this category.

Here is an example of the difference in rate for a $500,000 20 year term policy for a healthy 45 year old male:

A 45 year old who chews tobacco can get a non-smoker rate for a 20 year term for $101 a month:
If that same 45 year old applies with the wrong insurance carrier, and gets a smoker rate, that same 45 year old would pay $295 per month!
The difference is $2,328 per year, or $46,560 over the life of the policy! What could you do with an extra $46,560?
The example above highlights the importance of working with a life insurance agency that finds the best policy for you.
If you use dip or chew tobacco contact us so that we can provide you with a quote and help you get non smoker rates for your life insurance policy and get the best rates on life insurance for tobacco chewers.
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Hi, this is Liran Hirschkorn from If you use tobacco chewing
dip or smokeless tobacco and you don't smoke cigarettes and you have a life
insurance policy that you're paying tobacco rates on, you're overpaying for
your life insurance.
What a lot of agents don't know or your agent may have not told you it's
that there are some life insurance companies that will actually give you
non-tobacco rates for using smokeless tobacco. So if you've just taken on a
policy or taken out a policy within the last few years and you're paying
smoker rates, you're paying 2 to 3 times more than you should be paying for
life insurance. So at, we're an Independent Agency and we
specialize in working with people that use smokeless tobacco, chewing
tobacco or dip and a couple of life insurance companies that will provide
you non-tobacco rates and you can save a substantial amount of money.
This is why it's important to work with an Independent Agency that
understands different types of insurance companies, what their strengths
are, and which ones to use and in what situation. At we do
work with a couple of companies that will save you significant amount of
money or if you don't have a policy but are looking for life insurance
company, we can help you find a company that's going to give you non-
tobacco rates if all you use is smokeless tobacco.
You can contact me Liran Hirschkorn, and I can help you find the best rate for your life insurance
needs. You can also visit our website and you can fill out a
request form and we'll call you back and work with you to help you find the
best life insurance company for your specific needs and if you use
smokeless tobacco, you can get a non-tobacco rating. Thank you and I look
forward to speaking with you.