Matrix Direct Life Insurance Review

If you have a family life insurance is essential. It can also be expensive, especially if you don’t take the time to compare quotes and research various insurance providers. The different term life rates between each insurance company could amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. You will be shocked at how much you can save by re quoting your life insurance, especially if you are switching from a permanent policy to a term life policy.

Two well-known names in the life insurance industry are American General and Matrix Direct. You may think that they are both independent insurance providers, but Matrix Direct is actually owned by American General. You will learn more in this review. We also offer many other company reviews for you to benefit from such as AICPA Plan Review and Mutual of Omaha Review.

Matrix Direct Review

Matrix Direct is basically just a call center used to market insurance products and secure new customers for American General. You can go online and use Matrix Direct to sign up for term life insurance with American General, but you can get a lower rate for the exact same insurance coverage using an independent broker.

As an independent life insurance agency, we offer term life insurance from American General, but we also represent over 30 life insurance carriers. That means we can help you compare rates from not only American General, but most other carriers as well, and as a result, help you secure a better price than by going through Matrix Direct.

Matrix Direct is a Call Center

When you work with Matrix Direct, you are working with a call center life insurance agent. That agent is likely working off a script and may be in the position 4 years or 4 months, you don’t really know. Since they are taking inbound calls all day, if you want to contact the same agent again, it may be difficult to get that person on the phone.

You are better off working with an independent agent who has access to multiple carriers and can give you the service and attention that you need when buying a policy. Remember that buying a policy isn’t over once you make the initial phone call. It takes about 4 weeks to get approved, and during that time you will want to have a dedicated agent to speak with to get updates, or if you have any questions.

Understanding American General

American General is one of the leading insurance underwriters and they offer the most flexibility for individuals that decide to go with term life insurance. You can purchase an American General life insurance policy with one, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty year terms for less than most permanent policies.

If you are young and healthy, you can obtain insurance for an incredible low rate and then lock it in for up to thirty years. American General has a long history of providing average Americans with affordable and reliable financial security.

It is Always Better to Shop Around

Independent brokers will usually give their customers better service at a lower rate. They will work harder to land a new customer and they will work even harder to keep that new customer. They know that every customer matters to their success.

Most independent brokers, including myself, already have a strong working relationship with companies like American General. As an independent agency, we also have the ability to shop rates for you, as well as help match you up with the right company specifically tailored to your situation.

In addition if you have any pre-existing health conditions, or are considered high risk, you will want to work with us, since we specialize in high risk life insurance and can help you get approved for coverage with the right policy and company for you.