Prudential vs. MetLife: Which is Better?

If you’re shopping for life insurance you are most likely familiar with Prudential and MetLife. Both are among the biggest life insurance companies, with excellent reputations and strong financial ratings, both make excellent choices as life insurance companies. So which company should you choose? In this blog post I’ll provide information on Prudential Life insurance as well as MeLlife insurance. I’ll also give some examples of quotes so you can see the difference in term life rates between both companies, and also let you know some specific instances on when you definitely want to choose one over the other. You can also compare rates for yourself among the best term life companies by using our quote tool right below this paragraph, or keep reading for more on Prudential vs. Metlife or even information about AICPA Life Insurance or AAA Term Life Insurance reviews.

Prudential vs MetLife - Financial Strength Ratings

Prudential and MetLife both have the same financial strength ratings from A.M Best and S&P. They are both rated “Excellent” and both companies have been in business for over 100 years. Both companies have Billions of dollars of life insurance in force, with MetLife having a bit more in force than Prudential.

When Should I Specifically Use MetLife or Prudential

There are certain cases where I would recommend to use one company over another. For example if you are a type 1 diabetic, MetLife will probably offer you better pricing and is also more likely to approve you for coverage. On the other hand if you use a vapor (electronic cigarette), smokeless tobacco, recreational or medical marijuana, or smoke cigars, Prudential will give you non smoker rates.  In addition if you have a history of a DUI on your record, Prudential will also usually offer a better rate.

Prudential vs. MetLife Term Life Pricing

Now that we know the advantages of both Prudential and MetLife, let’s discuss rates for term life coverage between both companies. Let’s take an example of a 50 year old man applying for $250,000 worth of coverage at Standard Non Smoker rates, as well as smoker rates and compare pricing between Prudential and MetLife.

$250,000 15 Year Term Standard Non Smoker 50 year old male

  • MetLife $836 Annually
  • Prudential $970 Annually

$250,000 15 Year Term Standard Tobacco 50 Year Old Male

  • Prudential $2107 Annually
  • MetLife $2204 Annually

As you can see in the above examples MetLife has a better rate in one instance, and Prudential in another, and the pricing difference is not that big.

When deciding between Metlife vs Prudential first consider if your health or lifestyle habit would get a better rate from one of those companies. If everything is equal I recommend that you compare rates between the two and see who has the better offer.