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Life Insurance: Hep C

If you have been declined for life insurance due to Hepatitis C, it is very likely that that you haven’t applied with the right life insurance company. It isn't your fault, most likely the agent you applied with was not knowledgeable on knowing which life insurance company to apply with. There are some life insurance companies that only want to insure individuals that don’t have any pre-existing conditions, and if you applied with one of those companies you would have been declined due to the elevated liver function test results that results from Hepatitis C.
Hep C is probably more common than you might think. There are an estimated 4 million people in the United States that are suffering from hepatitis. Of that 4 million, around 3 million of those have hep C and there are around 3,000 people that die every year from a hep C related complications. (more…)