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Types of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance is one of the best safety nets you’ll ever buy for your loved ones. It’s one of the only ways you can guarantee your loved ones have the money they need, even if something awful were to happen to you. Not having life insurance is one of the worst mistakes you could make for your loved ones. Without that safety net, your family would be stuck under a mountain of debt and other final expenses, but that’s where your life insurance plan comes in.
When you’re shopping around for life insurance, it’s important you compare all of the different options available. Each kind of life insurance is going to have different pros and cons you’ll need to weigh based on your insurance needs. It can be confusing and frustrating trying to find the perfect plan for you, but that’s why we are here to help. It’s our mission to ensure you’re getting the best plan available. This post (and the video below) are going to look at some of the main types of plans and the benefits of these policies.
In the video below I discuss the different types of life insurance policies that you may be considering and which may be the right choice for you.
There are three main categories of life insurance. Each of them is slightly different in the coverage they provide and how much they cost. (more…)