Term Life Insurance for Seniors Over 65

Term Life Insurance for Seniors Over 65

Did you know that by choosing term life insurance instead of a whole life policy, you’ll spend less money on coverage each month and may even be able to afford a policy that protects you better? Term life insurance for seniors over 65 is the best life insurance for seniors, even when pre-existing medical conditions apply. Speak with an agent from Choose Term when you call 541-400-9040; get a free quote over the phone and see for yourself why so many seniors age 65 and over choose term coverage.

5 Benefits Of Term Life Insurance For Seniors Over 65

1. If you thought you couldn’t afford a life insurance policy because of your age or health, we have good news for you at Choose Term. Monthly payments on term coverage are designed to fit just about any size budget. The fact is, you’ll receive the greatest death benefit for the lowest premiums by choosing a term policy. If you’re wondering what kind of life insurance is best for seniors, we welcome your phone call today and look forward to helping you understand the key advantages of choosing a term policy. Learn more about how age affects life insurance rates when you call our helpline.

2. If you need temporary or short-term life insurance, a term plan is ideal because it can meet your needs for a specific time frame. Buying term coverage can give you peace of mind while your children are living at home or during specific seasons in life. Find out more about a short-term policy while exploring the information on our website.

3. Policyholders can combine multiple term policies to meet their death protection needs. Decrease or increase coverage over time more easily through term coverage than through a whole life policy. At Choose Term, we believe the best senior life insurance continues to meet our clients’ needs over time.

4. With a term policy, there are no public records of the amount of coverage paid out or to whom the benefit is payable. If you’re concerned about your beneficiary’s confidentiality, a term plan is the best choice.

5. Widows and widowers are exempt from paying estate taxes on a term life insurance policy. For this reason, term coverage is considered ideal as 65 years and older insurance.

If you need assistance determining how much life insurance you should buy based on your budget, we invite you to contact someone from our team who can guide you toward the right insurance products.

Take advantage of resources on our site, including articles that explain the difference between whole life and term coverage, no-exam term life insurance, and high-risk life insurance. Browse FAQs and answers that can help you save money when you’re ready to purchase term life insurance for seniors over 65. Feel free to reach an agent through our helpline when you call 541-400-9040 and get an instant quote based on your coverage needs and budget. Not purchasing life insurance may put your family at financial risk; you can provide peace of mind to your loved ones by purchasing a term policy through Choose Term.

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Term Life Insurance for Seniors Over 65

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