Instant Life Insurance Quotes

At we are proud to introduce our new quoting tool that allows you to get instant life insurance quotes online. With our new quoting tool you are now able to compare life insurance rates from over 30 of best life insurance companies. To use our instant life insurance quotes tool simply input your details in the quoter right below this, or continue reading for tips on how to best use the quoter. If you have a pre-existing medical condition you can use our contact form to provide the details and we can help you find the best life insurance company for high risk life insurance so that you have the best chance of getting approved at the best life insurance rates.

Instant Life Insurance Quotes Company Ratings

When buying a life insurance policy you want to make sure you buy a policy from a financially strong and stable company. This is why we include the A.M Best ratings for all the life insurance companies that we offer and only work with the highest rated, strongest financially stable life insurance companies.

Tips for Using Our Instant Online Life Insurance Quotes Tool                     Instant Life Insurance Quotes

When using our instant life insurance quotes tool, you have the choice of using Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus or a Standard health rating. Here are some guidelines on how best to pick which rating to use when you get a quote for life insurance.

If you are in very good physical shape – for example you exercise regularly or are not overweight, and don’t have any health conditions, and don’t have parents with history of cancer or heart disease, you might be able to qualify for Preferred Plus rates. In this case quote yourself at Preferred Plus and Preferred rates so that you have an idea of what will likely be your health rating and in turn pricing for a life insurance policy. Ofcourse you can always call us to help you figure out which is the best health rating to use.

If you are just a few pounds overweight – perhaps 10-20 pounds over your ideal weight, but otherwise in good health without health conditions, quote yourself at Preferred rates. If for example you are within your ideal weight and taking anxiety or depression medication, you may also qualify for a preferred rating.

If you are 20-40 pounds overweight, use our standard plus or standard health rating. A family history of heart disease, or a parent dying prior to age 60 can also put you in the standard plus or standard health rating category, although there are some life insurance companies that don't a family history of cancer against you - and we can help you use those companies if that is the case for you. If you have a minor health issue such as Asthma, or perhaps your blood pressure or cholesterol is a bit high, a Standard health rating might be appropriate as well.

High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

If you suffer from other health conditions such as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, sleep apnea, or have a history or cancer, heart disease, or stroke – you will need to work with us to get a customized high risk life insurance quote, because you will likely not qualify for any of the rate classes in our instant life insurance quotes tool. Fill out our contact us form to work with us to find you’re the right high risk life insurance company, and get the best rates for life insurance.

Author: Liran Hirschkorn