Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers | How To Buy Coverage At Lower Rates

Over 20 million adult Americans use marijuana at least once per year. If you have found this blog post, perhaps you are one of those Americans who uses marijuana either occasionally or frequently, and would like to know how this will affect you as far as life insurance rates go. The good news is that you can get approved for a life insurance policy as a marijuana smoker. This blog post will cover life insurance for marijuana smokers and will show you how you can also get non-smoker rates.

If you do smoke marijuana, you really need to work with a life insurance agent who can help you find the life insurance company that will treat you most favorably when it comes to your specific use. While some companies will still approve you for recreational use most will offer you smoker rates, while with others you can obtain significantly better pricing at non-smoker rates. There is a huge price difference between smoker and non-smoker rates, which means you can save a significant amount of money by finding a life insurance company that provides non-smoker rates to marijuana smokers.
Life Insurance for Marijuana SmokersAt we represent well over 30 life insurance companies and can help you get non-smoker life insurance rates for marijuana use.

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How Can I Get Non-Smoker Rates?

The first thing you should do when trying to get non-smoker rates is be upfront and honest on your application and discussion with your agent. By being upfront about your habits, you are gaining credibility with the insurance company and they are more likely to believe you about how often you smoke if you are upfront about it, rather than having to explain after it comes up in a urine sample.

In addition, if you don't tell the insurance company about your use of marijuana, and there is no trace of marijuana in your system your family could be denied of a death benefit if you lied on your life insurance application which will make it much more difficult for you to find affordable life insurance for smokers.

Top 5 Companies Who Offer the Best Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers

Most insurance companies will classify you as a smoker if you smoke marijuana, however here are some companies that are a bit more liberal in their guidelines and are able to provide non-smoker rates, here are our top 5:

  1. American General: If you only smoke a couple of times a year, you can still qualify for Preferred Best Non-Tobacco. Even if you smoke up to twice per month, you may be able to qualify for a Standard Non-Tobacco rating.
  2. Lincoln National: You can get a Standard Non-Smoker rating for up to twice per week use of marijuana.
  3. MetLife: You can get non-smoker rates with use up to once per week.
  4. Mutual of Omaha: Potentially Standard Non-Smoker if a urine test reflects that you smoke about once per week.
  5. Prudential: If marijuana doesn't show up in a urine sample, and you smoke up to twice per week, you can get Standard Plus Non-Smoker.

These five companies are the most flexible life insurance companies when it comes to marijuana smoking. If you smoke marijuana let us know by calling us or filling out our form on this page and we can help you find the best rates for insurance as a marijuana smoker.

Medical Marijuana Life Insurance Rates

marijuana life insurance

The best life insurance company for medical marijuana users is Prudential Life Insurance.With Prudential Life Insurance, you can get up to Preferred Best Non-Tobacco rates for Medical Marijuana. Your health rating – and in turn pricing – for a policy with Prudential will be based on the reason why you are using medical marijuana.

For example, if you are using medical marijuana for insomnia, you may qualify for Preferred or Preferred Plus non-tobacco. On the other hand if you are using medical marijuana because you have multiple sclerosis, you will still get non-smoker rates, but you won’t qualify for a preferred health rating.

Prudential is the only company that offers these types of rates for medicinal marijuana. If you would like to apply for life insurance with Prudential, or get a quote, you can get Prudential Life Insurance rates with our quote tool right on this page or contact us at 800-574-0245 ext 101 to apply for life insurance.

Marijuana Life Insurance – Recreational Use Rates

If you use Marijuana for recreational purposes you can still get non-smoker rates for life insurance. There are a handful of life insurance companies that would offer non-smoker rates, depending on how often you use marijuana.

For example, Prudential Life Insurance will offer Standard Non-Smoker Plus for up to twice per month use and a non-smoker substandard B rating for up to 4 times per week.

Lincoln National Life Insurance would offer Standard Non-Smoker rates for up to twice per week marijuana use, and a substandard table B for 3-4 times per week of use.

Bottom Line

Whether you use marijuana recreationally or with a prescription from a physician, non-smoker rates are possible with the right life insurance companies.

If you use Marijuana and are looking for life insurance, choosing the right life insurance company becomes extremely important and can save you thousands of dollars over the term of your policy.

There are hundreds and hundreds of companies on the market, and all of them are going to offer you different rates depending on which company that you contact. Instead of wasting hours and hours to contact all of those companies yourself, let one of our agents do all of that hard work for you. It’s our mission to ensure that you’re getting the best plan possible.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, which means that you shouldn’t wait any longer to get the life insurance coverage that your family deserves. If something tragic were to happen to you, and you didn’t have life insurance coverage, your family would be stuck with a massive amount of bills and other expenses. Losing someone that you love is never going to be easy, but all of those debts is going to make the whole situation that much worse. Contact us today and we can answer any questions that you have and ensure that you’re getting the best life insurance possible.

We are here to help you, contact us today at 800-574-0245 ext 101! Don’t wait another day to get the life insurance protection that your family deserves.


Hello. This is Liran Hirschkorn, from Today, I want to talk
to you a little about life insurance for marijuana smokers. Chances are if
you found this video, you might be one of the 20 million Americans that may
smoke marijuana at least once a year. You might do it for recreational or
medicinal reasons, and wondering, 'Can I get life insurance if I smoke
marijuana?' The answer is if you smoke marijuana for recreational reasons,
chances are you can get approved. If you smoke for medicinal reasons, it
really depends on the reason why you are smoking it, what the issue is, and
then based on that, the insurance company will determine if you can get
approved or not.

For recreational smokers, most companies will approve you, but will approve
you at smoker rates. What does that mean? That means that although you do
not smoke traditional tobacco, like cigarettes, you are going to be paying
smoker rates for smoking marijuana. That means that your policy will cost
about 4 or 5 times more than what a non-smoker policy would cost. The good
news is, depending on the amount that you smoke; there are a handful of
companies out there that will potentially give you non-smoker rates. At, we work with you to find out a little bit about your
smoking habits, to see if we can match you with a company that will give
you non-smoker rates, and in turn, save you a lot of money.

Let us talk a bit about some of those companies. American General, for
example, can give you up to Preferred Best Non-tobacco, even if you smoke
once or twice a year. If you smoke more than that, perhaps once or twice
weekly, you can still potentially get standard non-smoker rates. Other
companies like Lincoln National, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, and Prudential
are all companies that might be more friendly towards someone that smokes
marijuana, and potentially give you non-smoker rates. We would have to look
at how many times you smoke, how often, some of those companies require
that it does not show up on your urine test, and some of those companies,
if it does show up, the levels have to match with what you said.

The key is to be honest and upfront with your agent and on your application
for a couple of reasons. One, if you say that you are not a smoker and
marijuana does not show up on your test, and something were to happen to
you within the first 2 years of getting that policy, potentially your death
benefit that your family or beneficiary would collect might be denied; that
is one. The second reason is if you want to get those favorable rates, the
insurance company is going to want to look for you to be upfront and honest
before they find out that you smoke, so that you have more credibility with
the insurance company.

At, we work with you to find the best rate. If you smoke
marijuana, we work with these companies that can help you get potentially
non-smoker rates on your policy. You can check out our website, I look forward to speaking with you about your life insurance needs. Thank you.