Life Insurance for Scuba Divers

Choosing the right life insurance company is important, however if you are a scuba diver it is especially important for you to find the company that will be most favorable to you based specifically on several factors. Here are some tips to get the best rates for life insurance for scuba divers.

What Life Insurance Companies Will Want to Know

Life Insurance companies have different criteria for how they will price your policy based on how many times a year you scuba dive. They will also want to know what your maximum dive is, if you are certified, and what type of environments you dive in. For example, are you scuba diving as a rescue diver, or scuba diving in overhead environments such as cave, wreck, ice or salvage?
Life insurance companies treat scuba diving risk differently. For example with ING a scuba diver can qualify for Super Preferred without restriction on the nScuba Diverumber of dives he/she does each year. ING also allows a maximum depth of 100’ without an increase in the rate as long as the scuba diver is certified.  This is an example of life insurance company that is more liberal towards scuba divers. Met Life will only approve a scuba diver for Standard Plus and would not be the best choice as a life insurance company for scuba divers. Knowing which life insurance company to choose as a scuba diver can make a big difference in your final rate. Our expertise is in helping you get the best rate for life insurance based specifically on your diving history and habits.

Life Insurance for Scuba Divers Quotes

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Transcription of Video:

Hello. This is Liran Hirschkorn from
If you are a scuba diver looking for life insurance, you definitely want to
make sure that you find the right life insurance company for you. What do I
mean by that? Insurance companies view the risk of scuba diving
differently, and in turn, charge different rates based on the type of scuba
diving that you do.
When you are looking for a policy, insurance companies are going to want to
know the following: How many times a year you dive? The types of diving
that you do; is it open water, rescue diving, in caves? What kind of diving
do you do? How deep you dive, is it 75 feet, up to 100 feet, over 100 feet?
If you are certified, and how long you have been diving perhaps, as well.
These are questions that you are going to have to answer, and based on that
the insurance companies will evaluate the risk and figure out what to
charge you. Fortunately, at, we work with about 30 different
companies. As an example, ING you can get a super-preferred non-tobacco
rate with ING being a scuba diver, diving as many times as you want per
year, up to 100 feet. With MetLife, for example, they limit the amount of
times they will let you dive, I believe it is 10. You start off at a lower
health rating, which means a higher price.
Some companies allow you to dive up to 75 feet with no increase in price,
some companies let you dive up to 100 feet. When you are looking for life
insurance, you want to make sure that you work with an agent that has
access to a lot of different companies and knows the underwriting
guidelines of those companies, when it comes to scuba diving.
At, we work with about 30 different companies, we understand
how they underwrite scuba divers, and we know which company to go with,
based on your situation. Of course, we will also talk to you about your
other needs: Do you have any other health issues? How much coverage are you
looking to get? How much coverage do you need? What policy works best for
you. These are all the things that we will talk to you about when you call
and speak to us about life insurance policy.
You can visit our website,
My name is Liran Hirschkorn, from, I look forward to helping
you with your life insurance needs. Thank you.