Life Insurance with Asthma

If you are looking for life insurance with Asthma, this blog post will cover what questions you should be ready to answer so that we can help you find the best life insurance company for you specifically. We'll also include the underwriting guidelines of some of the top Life Insurance companies, which can help you when you are comparing life insurance quotes. If you would rather just have us compare rates for you, fill out the quote form right under this, or fill out the contact us form. Otherwise, continue reading for information on life insurance with asthma.

To help you find the best life insurance company with the best possible health rating and pricing for Asthma, here are questions you should be ready to answer:

  • Date of Diagnosis – When were you first diagnosed with Asthma?
  • Current Symptoms – What are your current symptoms?
  • What is the frequency and severity of Asthma attacks?
  • Do you use medication; if so what type and how often do you take it?
  • Are you current on your medications?
  • Any hospitalizations or visits to the ER due to Asthma?
  • Does Asthma cause any limitations on any activities?
  • Have you smoked in the past? If so when did you quit?
  • What if any other conditions do you have?

This information will help us match you with the best life insurance company specifically based on your Asthma condition.

Here are the underwriting guidelines for Life Insurance with Asthma from some of the top life insurance companies:

Banner Life Insurance Asthma Underwriting Guidelines:

If your Asthma is exercise induced, or Mild Seasonal Asthma, you may be able to qualify for Preferred Plus rates. If you are on two medications of less and the Asthma is well controlled you could qualify for a Preferred Non Tobacco health rating. If you have been hospitalized you can still get approved, but you will get lower than standard rating – which is considered a “rated” policy.

Genworth Life Insurance Asthma Underwriting Guidelines

Genworth will consider you for up to Preferred Plus rates if Asthma is mild, or if you have an inhaler or take medications, you can still qualify for Preferred Plus if the condition has been stable for at least 5 years.

 American General Life Insurance Asthma Underwriting Guidelines

You can qualify for Standard or better with Mild Asthma without hospitalization. If you have been hospitalized, or your Asthma is more severe, you are likely to see a rated policy, potentially with a table A-C health rating.

Principal Life Insurance with Asthma Underwriting Guidelines

With Principal, you can qualify for Preferred Plus or Preferred rates with minimal or mild Asthma. If your Asthma is more moderate you can expect to see Standard Rating, or up to a table 2 ( Table B) rating. Severe Asthma sufferers are likely to see anywhere from Table 6, up to a potential decline.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance with Asthma Underwriting Guidelines:

Mutual of Omaha will consider you for Preferred Plus rates if Asthma is mild. Moderate Asthma will be considered at Standard rates, and persistent and severe Asthma is likely to get a table rating of 2 or higher.

Having the information in this blog post will help you save money on life insurance with Asthma. At ChooseTerm, we specialize in high risk life insurance and can help you shop for the best life insurance rates. Fill out the quote request form or our contact us to compare life insurance rates.

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Author: Liran Hirschkorn