Term Life Insurance With a History of Epilepsy and Seizures

If you’ve had a seizure and/or have history of disorders that cause seizures (like epilepsy), your ability to get approved for reasonable life insurance coverage with affordable rates can be challenged. Nevertheless, many people in your position still manage to get good life insurance policies every year. The truth is that if you know more about the application process and how to navigate it, the better your chances are of getting approved for the insurance you want.

What Life Insurance Companies Want to Know

Insurance providers never just hand out life insurance to anyone without asking at least some questions about their health. In your case, they will like ask the following questions:

  1. When was your first episode (Your first seizure or symptoms)?
  2. When were you first diagnosed?
  3. What are the terms that medical professionals used to describe your seizures (Absence or petite mal, tonic-clonic or grand mal, myoclonic)?
  4. What type of seizure has been diagnosed?
  5. What symptoms usually accompany the episodes (unconsciousness, twitching or jerking, memory loss etc.)?
  6. How often do epileptic episodes occur?
  7. How severe would you consider the episodes to be?
  8. What medications are you taking/ what kind of treatment have you had?
  9. Are your episodes caused by a specific underlying health condition?
  10. Do you take part in any hazardous or potentially dangerous activities?
  11. Do you currently drive a car?

Keep in mind that insurance providers place much more emphasis on the frequency of your seizures, as opposed to the actual type of seizures that you have (although this still matters). This is because more injuries and deaths from epilepsy are caused by accidents resulting from seizures rather than straight from the illness itself.

Example Term Life Insurance Rates for Seizures and Epilepsy

The type of rates you are offered will largely depend on the severity of your condition and whether or not it is under control. For example, epileptics who receive the best rates are those who have fewer than two seizures a year, while those with the highest rates are going to be those who have more than five a year.

The best-case scenario for epileptics is to get put into the standard rate class for term life insurance. The good news is that these are the kinds of rates many reasonably healthy non-epileptics have to pay. Let’s say 33-year-old Janet has had epilepsy since her late teens but keeps it controlled through medication. She has not had any seizures in the past year, though on average she has has no more than one seizure annually. She is also a nonsmoker. Janet is likely to be offered the following standard rates for a 20-year, $200,000 policy:

  • ING: $18.29 per month
  • SBLI: $18.44 per month
  • Genworth: $20.30 per month
  • Transamerica: $22.93 per month
  • Prudential: $34.47 per month

Remember, you can help keep your rates as low as possible by not using tobacco products and living a healthy lifestyle. The better you take care of yourself, the better an insurance company will take care of you.

Can I Get Insured Without a Medical Exam?

Very few insurance providers offer policies to applicants with epilepsy without first requiring them to have a medical exam. That said, be sure to contact us (by live chatting through our website) should you want to inquire about the possibility of getting insured without a medical exam. We are always updating our information with the insurance companies we work with, and so depending on your condition there may be one that does not require an exam.

What If I Get Denied?

People do get denied sometimes, for a wide variety of reasons. In any case, a denial is not necessarily the end of the road. Many times it just means you need to try a different company, either way, find out why you got denied in the first place. Sometimes it is a matter of applying for a different type of high risk life insurance policy. At Chooseterm.com, we’re here to help you get insured; not help you give up!