Life Insurance with Hepatitis B

This is Liran Hirschkorn from and in this video I'm going to
talk to you about Life Insurance when you have Hepatitis B and what your
options are, coming up in tis video.
So, if you have Hepatitis B you can get approved for Life Insurance but
it's going to be determined based upon several factors. One, if your liver
enzymes are normal as far as the levels or maybe just slightly high but not
very, very high, then you have a chance to be approved for life insurance
depending on how long you've had it, what the current treatment is, it is
possible to get approved. The key is really knowing which Life Insurance
companies to apply with. There are some companies that are very
conservative and will generally not approve somebody with Hepatitis,
whether it's Hepatitis B or C and there are other companies that are a
little bit more liberal in their guidelines and will approve life insurance
for people who have Hepatitis B.
So the key is really knowing which life insurance company to apply with.
And that's where working with an agent who is specializing in high risk
life insurance really pays off because instead of going to one company and
getting declined and maybe you've been in that position and then going to
another company and kind of being upset about the whole process working
with an agent who has experience with Hepatitis B and life insurance is
really the way to go in terms of having the best chance to get approved for
The other thing you want to do is submitting a letter with your
application. As an agent this is what I do for my clients explaining their
lifestyle or their overall health, anything that's positive that can help
get that application approved, we write a letter to the life insurance
company to have them look at that and that gives you a better chance to get
approved. So anything that's helpful, if you exercise or your overall
lifestyle is going to be helpful in getting you approved for coverage.
The one thing to know is that you're generally not going to get approved
that standard rates. If you do have Hepatitis, you're generally going to
get what's called the table rating which is essentially a higher rate for
coverage so you'll have a policy just like everybody else but the rate is
going to be higher and you're generally going to see table ratings anywhere
between table 4 or also called table d, maybe up to a table 6, also known
as a table f, so just to know what to expect in terms of pricing. And
although this sounds confusing, I can go over these numbers with you when
we discuss a quote and give you an idea of what type of pricing you can
probably expect based specifically on your situation.
So if you do have Hepatitis B and you are looking for life insurance, you
can click the link below if you are on YouTube to go to our site
ChooseTerm.comĀ and I look forward to speaking with you.
My name is Liran Hirschkorn and thank you for watching.