$25,000 Term Life Insurance Policy: What Are My Options?

If you are looking for a $25,000 term life insurance policy, you may be surprised that there are limited choices. Many life insurance companies have minimum coverage amounts of $50,000 or $100,000. In this article I’ll highlight a couple of life insurance companies that do offer $25,000 of coverage and discuss when a medical exam is required and when you wouldn’t need a medical exam. I’ll also provide some examples of pricing in this article. Continue reading to learn more about life insurance quotes over 50.

When you’re buying life insurance, it can be a complicated process. There are dozens of different factors that you’ll need to consider and thousands of different companies that you can choose between. It’s vital that you get the best plan to meet your needs. Luckily, we are here to make the process as quick and straightforward as possible. We understand how important life insurance is, and we want to help you make the best decision for your family.

You can compare rates for yourself right below this paragraph, or continue reading for more information on a $25,000 term life insurance policy.

$25,000 Term Life Insurance Policy: Transamerica Life Insurance

$25,000 Term Life Insurance Policy

When it comes to looking for a life insurance policy under $100,000, Transamerica is an excellent choice. Transamerica has competitive rates and offers coverage starting at $25,000.
Here are some highlights of what Transamerica offers:                                                                   

  • Issue Ages from 18-80. Yes even if you are in your 70s or 80 years old, you can get a term life policy with Transamerica.
  • Ages 18-60 - No medical exam required between $25,000-$99,000
  • Ages 61-70 – No medical exam required between $25,000-$50,000
  • Transamerica offers term lengths of 10,15,20,25, and 30 years.

Term Life Insurance with Transamerica – Examples of Quote

For this example, let’s take an example of a 65 Year Old Male Non-Smoker applying for $25,000 of 10,15, and 20 year term, rates will be much higher for a smoker applying for life insurance coverage.
Here are examples of pricing:

  • $25,000 10 Year Term Life for 65 Year Old: $43.73 Monthly
  • $25,000 15 Year Term Life for 65 Year Old: $49.85 Monthly
  • $25,000 20 Year Term Life for 65 Year Old: $60.11 Monthly

As you can see from these examples, pricing even at age 65 is affordable for term life with Transamerica.

Transamerica No Medical Underwriting

Between ages 18-70 Transamerica will not require that you have a physical exam to get coverage for any amount under $50,000. They will however request your medical records from your doctor and will use the information in your medical records to make a decision for coverage. Expect about 3-4 weeks for a decision from the time of application.

Because these policies are much smaller than a traditional life insurance plan, they are not going to require a medical exam, which is an excellent benefit for anyone that’s in poor health or has been declined for life insurance coverage in the past. Everyone deserves to have life insurance, and your health shouldn’t get in the way of you having that protection.

High Risk Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

One of the benefits of Transamerica is that you can get a policy without a medical exam, even if you're considered high-risk. For example, if you have diabetes, hepatitis C, asthma, crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), sleep apnea, or other pre-existing conditions, you may still qualify for a policy with Transamerica. Transamerica will order your doctor’s records, and potentially approve you based on previous medical history, unlike other no-medical exam companies that don’t order your medical records and would not approve you in these cases.

In addition, if you are in the state of New York, you can get coverage with Transamerica. I bring up New York specifically because there are very limited options in NY for no-medical exam life insurance.

$25,000 Term Life Insurance – Fidelity Life


If you are looking to get a $25,000 term life insurance policy in place quickly, Fidelity Life is a great choice. Unlike Transamerica, Fidelity Life will approve you for  coverage typically within 24 hours.

Highlights of Fidelity Life’s Rapid Decision Express No Medical Life Insurance

  • Anywhere from $25,000 - $250,000 of coverage available.
  • Ages 18-65 Available
  • Term options for 10,15,20,30 year term depending on age.

Let’s give an example again of a 65 year old looking for $25,000 term life insurance policy. In this case, Fidelity Life will only offer a 10 year term option.

Pricing: $46.07 monthly for a 65 year old male non smoker.  A 65 year old female non smoker would pay $33.73 per month.

Differences Between Transamerica And Fidelity Life

  • If you need to get coverage quickly, Fidelity Life will take 24 hours to approve you, while Transamerica will take a few weeks.
  • Transamerica offers coverage up to age 80, while Fidelity Life offers coverage up to age 65.
  • If you have a pre-existing health condition, Fidelity Life is not likely to approve you, while Transamerica will.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Before you buy one of these $25000 term life insurance plans, it’s important that you calculate how much life insurance your family will need if something tragic were to happen to you. Not having enough life insurance could leave your family with additional expenses and no money to pay off those bills. There are several different factors that you’ll need to account for when determining your life insurance needs.

The first number that you should look at is your debts and other final expenses. Your family will be responsible for any outstanding debt when you pass away. Your life insurance plan will give them the money that they need to pay off any of your debts and other final expenses like funeral fees. If you don’t have a large of major debts like a mortgage, one of these smaller insurance plans could be an excellent option for you.

The next number that you should consider is your annual income and how many people rely on that source of income every month. The secondary goal of your plan is to give your loved ones the money that they need to replace your paycheck if something tragic were to happen to you. If you don’t have anyone that relies on your paycheck, then you can consider purchasing one of these smaller policies and save money on your insurance coverage.

Getting Quality Term Life Insurance

Looking for life insurance is not the most fun purchase. Nobody wants to think about his or her own death, but it’s vital that you plan for the worst. Not having life insurance coverage could leave your family with a mountain of debt. Finding the perfect insurance policy can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Our agents are here to help connect you with the best life insurance plan to meet your needs. It’s our goal to ensure that you’re getting the best plan at an affordable rate.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, which means that you shouldn’t wait any longer to get the insurance protection that your family will need. If you have any questions about life insurance or the different options available to you, please contact one of our agents today. We would be happy to answer those questions and get the life insurance process started.


What are the different types of $25,000 term life insurance policies available?

There are several. You can do Term, Whole life, Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) are the 3 most popular type of policies. There are others but these are the most asked about policies as of now

Who is eligible to purchase a $25,000 term life insurance policy?

Every carrier is different but typically as a child up to age 80yrs old is the age range to be eligible for Term insurance. Of course they will need to look into your health history as well during the process.

What factors affect the cost of a $25,000 term life insurance policy?

Every carriers actuary tables are different so it all depends on your health and lifestyle. Health meaning your overall health and lifestyle as in do you participate in high risk sports, do you have any DUI’s or reckless driving on your record, any drugs or convictions, do you smoke are all considerations

How long does a $25,000 term life insurance policy typically last?

It’s not the amount of coverage but the Term length is the question. Typically for Term the most asked about term lengths are a 10yr, 15yr, 20yr, 25yr, and 30yr Terms. There are some carriers that will go 35yrs just ask your agent.

What are some advantages of purchasing a $25,000 term life insurance policy?

Well first it’s much cheaper than say a 200k policy or any higher coverage. Underwriting is the same, it’s not faster because it’s a lower amount of coverage, you still need to go thru underwriting.

Can I purchase multiple $25,000 term life insurance policies to increase my coverage?

Most certainly but why would you do that? You always want to look for an A rated carrier first and then really it comes down to price. So you’d usually just stick with one company and get one policy. But sometimes for Whole life 25k is the most a carrier will offer so you have to look for other carriers.

Is a $25,000 term life insurance policy enough coverage for me and my family?

Even without knowing anything about your family I would say 100% NO. Unless it’s strictly for burial purposes for just one person maybe but if you’re talking about a family you most likely have more debt that 25k not to mention your income to replace.

What is the process for applying for a $25,000 term life insurance policy?

Very simple, the agent you speak with will have you fill out an application and schedule in the health exam if one is needed. Most likely the carrier will request doctor records which can take up to 3 months to get and is completely out of the hands of the carrier or agent and are at the mercy of that 3rd party doctor’s office who handles their patient records. So from start to finish you’re looking at 1-3 months to get an approval. If you are doing a Non Medical then it usually takes 3-6 weeks to get a policy.

What should I consider when selecting a life insurance company for my $25,000 term life insurance policy?

First and foremost make sure any carrier you’re looking at is an A rated carrier. To find this out go to www.AMBest.com and then under “Financial Strength” link just type in the carrier’s name to get their rating. Most all policies all offer the same benefits for your typical Term policy but make sure they are A rated.